What In The Heck Do We Do?

Listen, if any firm sells you and your staff on the concept that they have been in business for over 500 years, and you actually give a rat's ass, close the tab on this page. But, we bet you are tired of hearing that crap from them just as much as we are. All that time in business means: they are old as hell.

The fact is simple, we are experts at new social and digital media BECAUSE we are thirsty AF to share the new tools and techniques with our clients. And, when talking about "new media" and deciding who is the expert--think about either your granddaddy or nephew figuring out Periscope or Snapchat, first. We are confident our expertise makes better sense.  (Did you see our client list?)  

We Listen & Offer Advice

This happens from Day 1 working together. Of course we learn fast and use all of that knowledge to start your strategy of the project, but get comfortable because the breakthrough will occur on Day 1. It always does.

We Help You Create The Path (If Needed)

Sometimes your project may not have a path previously traveled by millions. So what? We are from Nashville, and we ain’t skeered! And we’ve never gotten screwed by regulatory ever. EVER!

We Will Make It Just Work

Sometimes we need all the bells and whistles to make it happen. Some sounds that you may not even knew existed. We usually do. But the bottom line is whatever your goals are–we will just make it work. On time. Every time!


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We just moved into one of the most amazing studio spaces in Music City. Besides it being perfect for our staff, it maintains a one-touch social media greenscreen studio and production greenroom area. 

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