February 22, 2018

Video: Why You Should Be Making Video Content

Video content is boss, seriously. Are you making great video content yet for the digital storytelling of your company, organization, or project?

Probably not. Let’s discuss why not.

Of course you already realize that making video content is important, and you may have already set aside your video budget for the year and your creative producer side is excited, right?

Well, okay. Do it!

It seems like a no-brainer: make great videos for your company, organization, or project, but the most common reason that THE BRANDAGEMENT sees as the obstacle to doing great video content on social media is how to get it completed.

Do you hire a videographer? Can an intern do this? Did you just purchase that expensive DLSR camera or a new fancy webcam? But what about lights, sound, editing, talent, a studio, ahhhhhh!

Trust us, we get it. And so that important aspect in marketing (making videos) usually doesn’t happen or you just do the minimum required and the results aren’t special.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider working with a creative video agency—The BRANDAGEMENT:

  1. We make video content specifically for social media— meaning we not only produce the content but we love to be apart of the creative pre-production side of things to give a bit of expertise on what we have seen work for others just like you!
  2. We want the finished video to be so good that we will jump through every hoop required to get that final approval from you! We want you excited the entire time!
  3. We utilize our proprietary content properties and sources to keep the cost down for you—by using a mix of in-house and outside talent and workthroughs including a network of contractors specifically discounting their rates to us in order to benefit you. You can afford us!

Here are two social media videos that we have delivered for our clients:

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Another great tip from Best Thing Ever Nashville by Kortney Wilson , the perfect way to peel your hard-boiled eggs!

Posted by Best Thing Ever Nashville on Wednesday, September 3, 2014

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