November 1, 2015


Be Honest.

Every marketing opportunity, tactic, and situation must answer why?… followed by okay, how?

The crazy part about marketing and branding is it is all pretty boring. Seriously, why? 

  • Who cares what your business is up to? Whether you’re a lawyer, realtor, dentist, tire store, talent agency, store, bakery, lemonade stand– your customers are not just waiting for your generic, played out email newsletter weekly. I promise if you skip a week in sending it–and if even 5 people email you and ask what happened…then I will admit I was wrong. Nobody cares. And in fact, they may actually hate it. Seriously, why?
  • On social media, the pages that only talk and promote themselves are about as hot as that friend we all have that can’t seem to get their head out of their own bottom. Seriously, why? 
  • Good for you!  You tweet 4  random articles links daily. But you have not invested in meaningful social relationships lately. Seriously, why?
  • AND, once you figure that answer– ask yourselves why you are even trying to market in the first place. What is the reason? Are you sending your email newsletter to remind your list that you are a realtor? I promise, they know by now. So are you wanting referrals? What about sending an email to them that is not about your company at all and all about what they want to read? Then put your logo at the bottom. Just be careful giving them content that is too amazing. They might forward it to a friend and then you get a new subscriber to email marketing list. Wait, seriously– that’s HOW! 

This post was boss!

Love y’all!

The Brandagement