Be Honest.

Every marketing opportunity, tactic, and situation must answer why?... followed by okay, how? The crazy part about marketing and branding is it is all pretty boring. Seriously, why?  Who cares what your business is up to? Whether you're a lawyer, realtor, dentist, tire store, talent agency, store, bakery, lemonade stand-- your customers are not just waiting for your generic, played

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Video: Why You Should Be Making Video Content

Video content is boss, seriously. Are you making great video content yet for the digital storytelling of your company, organization, or project? Probably not. Let’s discuss why not. Of course you already realize that making video content is important, and you may have already set aside your video budget for the year and your creative producer side is excited, right?

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#GetYaSumGood Renewed Year 3


#GetYaSumGood Campaign by Planned Parenthood renews for 3rd year with The BRANDAGEMENT after successful agency of record execution. When Planned Parenthood of Middle and East Tennessee approached The BRANDAGEMENT in 2014 with the task of creating a successful condom distribution campaign targeting men who have sex with men (MSM), transgender, and niche demographic primarily aimed towards men of color, we

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Happy 2016

Happy New Year! A couple reminders for clients at the start of the new year: Get back to the basics of your digital strategy (think content marketing) Remember our strategy on social media includes not just talking about yourself (share the content your audience wants) Be mindful that the beginning of the year may be slow, so it is a

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