Case Study: Influencer Marketing

The Brandagement was tasked with creating a social media project to assist Healthline contribute to World AIDS Day.

Healthline, one of the most successful health websites in the world, wanted a brand lift among those living with HIV and their allies, as well participate in quality engagement with the comminity.


Out solution for working with influencers and bloggers: was to offer major influencers a meaningful award the day after World AIDS Day. The promotion was branded the “Healthline HIV Influencers Honors” and used the hashtag #HIVhonors.

In addition to creating the concept, we executed the program every year using social media marketing to celebrate the awards– including selecting winners, writing the article and slideshow, creating the winner’s badge and contacting the winners so they can share the honor with their audiences, and packaging the graphic design of the program to align with the corporate branding of Healthline. We literally took this program from concept to public.


Here are a few social media mentions.

Posted by Lewis Patrick on Monday, December 16, 2013


Thank you for this huge honor #healthline ! #MariaMejia #hiv #influencer 2016 #activist #humanrights #advocate #TheWellProject #hivhonorsThank you @healthline

Posted by Maria Hiv Mejia on Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Take Away for Healthline

Result: Every KPI and over 80% of desired links acquired. We have been re-hired every year since the launch in 2013.


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