Book An Appointment with Me for Your Video (If you need help)

So, as discussed on our last phone call, we are making a short video that is being sent out to all the bloggers attending the conference.  Why?  To help ease the anxiety that some people (ME!!!) get when attending conferences or workshops about whether they will know someone or not.  We are doing this because we are only able to spend a short amount of time together as a group, so we want everyone comfortable right off the bat!

Here’s where you come in… the video needs you to introduce yourself and what you write about.  And to make it super easy– we’ve already written your script that has been approved.  (So, unless we really goofed, try and stick to the script.)



To record the video and send to me:

  1. You can use your IPHONE or camera web cam.  Just make sure the lighting is good. (For example, stand close to a plain wall.  And make sure the lighting is “reasonably” good.  Don’t shoot this video in the dark! HA!! )
  2. Turn the phone horizontal (if you use an IPHONE) and hit record.
  3. When you are done, simply email the video over to (and please CC:   Or you can upload it to DROPBOX or similar and email me the link.  Don’t post it to youtube or anything public, please.


If you need help or don’t know how to make a video:

  1. Look at the schedule below and book an appointment with me… and Ill walk you through it all.
  2. Simple, right?  🙂


SCRIPT:  (Find your name and that’s your couple of lines… again, doesn’t have to be exact, but pretty close will rock my editing world!)

#1:  I’m Kerri Sparling and I’m a Diabetes Advocate.  I can’t wait to meet you next weekend.  We have some incredible speakers that we invited.  And when I say incredible…

#2: She means… incredible!   I’m Dina Niels, a RA Advocate.  Nice to virtually meet you.  Although we can’t spill all the secrets, I can tell you I WILL be there!

#3: Hey, you all!  I’m Brian Koffman, a CLL and Lymphoma Advocate and I can’t wait to meet you all.  I’m pretty excited.  So, don’t miss your flights!  Some of the topics that we’ll get to discuss and help each other with are…

#4: …the best blogging methods and some of the best tools YOU need to know about!  Pretty important stuff if we all plan on continuing our health advocacy online, right?  I’m ASHLEY SMITH, and I am a mental health advocate!  Be sure to say hello to me when you see me!!!

#5 And don’t forget to say hello to me, as well!  I’m Sara Ringer, and I am a Crohn’s Disease Advocate.  We have tons digital influencers and bloggers coming.  And these people are all from different health conditions.

#6.  Hi, I’m Ann Silberman, a Breast Cancer Advocate.  Health conditions that will be represented include: MS, HIV, Diabetes, Mental Health, Cancer and more..

#7 And that’s just the things we could fit into this quick video.  There is more! Tons more!!! Hello,  I’m Megan Starshak, an UC Advocate,  and I can’t wait to meet you!


IF YOU NEED AN APPOINTMENT TO HELP YOU … since we are on a tight deadline, contact Josh today.  If you don’t need help, I can’t wait to see your video you sent to (and cc:!

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