July 25, 2014

3 Reasons You Need Branding and Social Media Administration

Nashville Social Media Agency Experts

Knowing exactly how to brand your company, small business, or Fortune 500 company is not easy. Period.  And it could be a huge failure for you as the owner or CEO.  Here are the top 3 reasons you need to hire THE BRANDAGEMENT today!

Instant Expertise & Objectivity

We most likely don’t know intimate details of your company, don’t know much about your industry per se, and probably don’t have the mindset of how brands in your niche market should look, feel and be memorable.  Our instant expertise and trustworthy objectivity comes from experience of managing the branding and social media presence of many companies across several business verticals.  And because we don’t have preconceived ideas on what others in your niche are already doing– our ideas, suggestions and expertise comes from a valuable and confident understanding of how to accomplish the goals and strategies you want– in a fresh, and many times “AH-HA!” moment.

It Costs More to Fix Mistakes

Employees aren’t cheap.  And their mistakes working in areas that they aren’t experts means they will mess up.  We don’t promise perfection, but we guarantee we surround ourselves with key influencers privy to the inside workings of your industry, so we get just the right amount of information to help you remain relevant and relational, but our work is guaranteed to make you thrilled.  Don’t you wish you didn’t have to pay employees if you weren’t happy with their work output? SERIOUSLY!?!?

We Love Social Media

We are pretty much self-confessing nerds for social and digital media.  I’m talking the algorithm changes and the latest developer releases of popular platforms and we eye every small change in analytics like it’s the lifeblood of our success.  Why?  It’s simple. We love social media and we grew up in a generation– that grew up with social media.  So, if you don’t love to: update a status, resize the images, make sure the images are mobile friendly, keep the links out of the status update, tweet, reply, respond, answer, overcome, redesign, repost, retweet, pin, repin, unpin, tag, retag, untag, repin, hangout, and repeat…. just know we administer social media accounts for businesses all over the place. It’s pretty safe to say that one or more business social media accounts that you’ve engaged  in the past year was probably handled by our team.  And don’t worry — your audience will never know it’s not you spending all the valuable time on social media.  We’d never tell them!

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